Microsoft Certified Trainer – I made it! #mctbuzz

On February 28, 2019, Microsoft approved me as a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Thank you to my wife and parents for the support through this journey.

Benefits of Becoming an MCT

There are lots of reasons!

First and foremost is the level of respect that comes with the MCT designation. MCTs are many times viewed as the premier experts in their field and are often the gateway for IT staff to update their own skills.

To that end, you are provided with the resources you need as a trainer to stay current, nay, ahead-of-current with Microsoft technologies as and before they are released to market.

Here are just a few benefits you’ll receive when you join the ranks of MCTs:

  • A not-for-retail TechNet subscription, which gives you free download access to a very large majority of Microsoft titles.  The catch is that you can’t use it for business purposes, but you can use it for sharpening your own skills.
  • Images for MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum)  courseware.  Instead of wiping and custom building lab environments for your classes, you can deploy these custom images of client and server environments that have been tailored to the specific MOC.
  • Recently new is the formatting of MCT Trainer Packs (think of them like your high school teacher’s instructor’s manual) in MS OneNote format.
  • Access to the MCT Forums.  This is not a minor perk — this is a very big deal.  Some extremely intelligent people hang out on these boards, and it’s such a great resource!
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